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Ready to have clarity with your nutrition and see lasting results?

"Coming into working with ALN, I knew that putting focus on my nutrition would pay off, but I was unaware of how monumental this experience would be not only on my performance but also on my mindset and overall wellness."

- ALN Cyclist Client

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Nutrition Coaching Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance as payment?

We do not accept payment through health insurance at this time. We take payment via credit or debit card through our online coaching platform, Practice Better. 

How do we communicate with each other?

We use an online coaching platform, Practice Better, for you to use the chat messaging and journaling/tracking features to communicate with your coach between check-in calls. We are available to answer questions, send videos and offer any additional support needed through this platform. 

We do not offer meal plans as we work individually with clients to be able to create their own sustainable, healthy eating pattern through meals and snacks.

Macro tracking is something that we may offer temporarily in specific situations when it's a good fit for the client, but eventually we will work to towards behavior-based changes. The end goal is always for you not to have to constantly track everything that you eat and drink in order to reach and maintain your goals.  

Do you offer meal plans and macro tracking?

How long is your coaching program? 

We are all about transformations with our clients and only offer on-going coaching. There is a  minimum commitment of 3 months, but our most successful clients are with us anywhere from 6-12 months. 

Do you offer weight loss coaching?

We don't do rapid weight loss or weight-only goals. Setting realistic body composition goals can certainly be a part of your journey. Our top priority above all else is your well being and supporting your body as you progress through your training and events. 

do you work with youth athletes?

We do not work with youth and high school athletes. Our program was designed to work with adult endurance athletes. Reach out to Alex and she'd be happy to provide you a referral to a dietitian who specializes with youth athletes. 

How much does it cost?

The nutrition coaching program offers ongoing coaching, so we work with athletes, on average, between 4-12+ months depending on their goals and progress. 

There are a few investment options depending on the commitment level you’re looking for.

4 month package $2,100
7 month package $3,500

Or there’s month-to-month financing at $550/month (3 month minimum). 

Longer custom-length packages, up to 12-months, are available. 

Payment plans are available for the package commitments and can be discussed in an exploration call with Alex.