Nutrition coaching virtually with endurance athletes to help take performance to the next level

Personalized nutrition coaching for the endurance athlete that simplifies your life, enhances performance and helps you feel great in your body.

Hi, there! 

I'm Alex, a small-town Minnesota dietitian and age-group triathlete. I help endurance athletes make the most of their training. Let's get you well-fueled and fast!.

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- Food and eating should be enjoyable. Not stressful.
- It should be flexible. Not unforgiving.
- I want you to be the happiest, healthiest, strongest, bad-ass version of yourself.

Most people have this image of a dietitian banishing them to a joyless dietary island where they have to eat kale and cauliflower all day. I'm all about adding foods TO your life.

no fad diets.
no one-size-fits-all program
no food restrictions.
no selling you supplements.

food philosophy

"I'm human first, and then I'm a dietitian"

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Race Day: Triathlon Nutrition Planner

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planning what goes on your plate

putting the right foods in your grocery cart

don't let nutrition derail your race.