Nutrition coaching for endurance athletes to improve performance and body composition through a simple and flexible eating style.  

Hi, there!

I'm Alex, a small-town Minnesota dietitian and age-group triathlete and runner.

I felt my calling the moment I crossed the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin. I knew I wanted to support other athletes in fueling their epic endurance endeavors. 

I teach endurance athletes how to fuel with more food while keeping nutrition simple and do-able!

Figuring out your nutrition won't happen overnight. It's all dedicating yourself to progress, not perfection with your fueling. 

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"The 112 mile bike went well! I felt good the entire time. The 5 mile run following felt good too. The first mile took me time to get my HR down, but after that I felt like I could go longer. I didn't have a sloshy tummy! So happy about that!


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

I’ve been cycling seriously for 20 years and despite being very consistent on the bike I weighed 223 lbs with an FTP of 273.

My personalized nutrition plan has been really easy to follow and has yielded great results. Four months later I’m down 20 lbs and my FTP is 288. I’m eating tons of carbs on my riding days and feeling great on the bike.   -Russell

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

Following Alex's fueling guidance for my long runs has been LIFE CHANGING. I feel strong the whole time with no dips in energy. I finish feeling energized, not depleted and tired all day. I can go out and do another long run the next day with no energy issues. I honestly cannot believe how much I suffered unnecessarily before. Thank you, Alex!

-Laura S.

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"Alex, I need you to know how much your nutrition advice has positively influenced my athletic goals. My performance at the gym and during my workouts is at an all-time-high and I'm using weights in workouts that I would be struggling with just a few months ago."


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

I've had the privilege and joy to work with Alex. I knew I needed help  with marathon training for Chicago and Philly. I saw major differences. I FELT great. For anyone looking for guidance, I could not recommend Alex more. She is a true pleasure to work with.

-Nick W. 

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

The ALN nutrition coaching program has helped me become a better athlete, and it helped me achieve goals that I never thought possible, like completing a 70.3 Ironman or a full marathon.

- Chelsea

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

Working with the ALN team was amazing. I've not only achieve my goals but also exceeded them.

I'm eating more, feeling so much better, and my energy levels are far more consistent throughout the day. I'm extremely excited and confident that I will be pushing boundaries I never thought possible for years to come. 
- Brent

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"Knowing it's only been just under a month since we started working together, but WOW! My last two weeks of workouts on the bike were tough, but with the plan and understanding from the last call, I'm absolutely smashing these 1.5+ workouts! Can't wait to see what the next few months will produce! Let's go! Thanks again!" 

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"Two weeks ago I said that I was feeling stronger, but this week I have noticed that even more. Bike watts are matching what I'd normally have when peaking later in the year. This is a good sign for later on! Running too has been better."

- Damian 

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

I went from a burnt out athlete in 2021 who feared carbs to a thriving triathlete who focused on fueling! I was able to greatly improve my overall fitness because I was eating enough and fueling my workouts properly. You genuinely cared about my progress and gave tons of great feedback throughout the process.

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

Because of ALN I now eat a higher quality and quantity baseline diet and add carbohydrate around my workouts. With that, I've lost about 20 pounds and am back up to my previous high FTP.

Most importantly, I've experienced a mindset shift that has better positioned me to pivot and adapt to life and goal changes.  - Stephen

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"Alex!!! I did it! 13.1 miles, slightly faster time and more importantly I felt good. Last time, I barely dragged myself the last three miles. I feel like working with you has made such a giant difference in just how I feel and has given me the energy to push to the next level. Thank you!!! Working with you is amazing!!!"

- Amy

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"I sure can't think you enough!! Overall feel is so much better. Had I not signed up with you, I wouldn't have a chance at this race. Ever. I have learned so much about health in general for what I love to do. Thank you!!"


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"So, for years, any time I trained I had gotten super bad headaches. But, I haven't had a headache related to exercise since starting with you. It's clearly nutrition related. Thank you for everything. This might sound dramatic, but you have been life changing."

- Andrea

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"I legit feel the strongest I have in forever while running! I am eating more protein and I am actually putting on muscle mass which is exciting."

- Whitney

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"Race report! 115 degrees on my Garmin, 109 miles and zero cramps, not a single cramp! Nutrition and hydration plan was spot on. Thank you so much, really appreciate it!"

- Scott 

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"I am so happy that I chose you to help me through this. I nailed the nutrition and set me up for a fantastic run in the heat and hills. 70.3 PR for me!"

"I have never felt so strong running in a triathlon. I sprinted the last mile of the 70.3!"


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"Duuuuudddeee... BEST RUN EVER!! I felt strong, plenty of energy and no gut issues! Today was a 30 min temp run and I never thought 8:35 pace could feel so easy. Major confidence boost and I still have energy for the rest of the day."


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"I ran my 13 miler 45-60 seconds per mile faster than I intended and had plenty of energy left to push up the hills. Like I just felt good the whole time. I feel INCREDIBLE!"


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

"Alex, thank you for teaching me how to fuel, how to eat all the carbs and get fit and strong, and for being a huge cheerleader! Oh, I lost 25 pounds, too! Thank you for being a part of my journey." 

 - Heather B. 

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

I contacted Alex while training for my 2nd Ironman. I noticed I was running out of energy while training and not recovering that well. My dietitian coach, Hanna, significantly changed how I was fueling and kept in contact to make sure it was working. We made many changes during my training period. I finished the IM and never felt out of energy. Very positive experience.

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

I started the program thinking my nutrition was fine and I was skeptical that I'd be able to make impactful changes. I lost 12 pesky pounds while improving my running performance and increasing my strength. I realized I was in a sub-optimal nutrition rut. My dietitian, Mary, was a real pleasure to work with. 


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

Improving my carb loading and fueling has completely changed for me. I love going out for long runs now and actually having energy to be productive afterwards with my family... instead having to take a nap!! I was provided an incredibly safe space to be 100% honest and vulnerable. I didn't expect to be helped on so many different levels.


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

This program got me on right track so fast that I surprised myself. My dietitian coach, Mary, was so helpful and encouraging through the whole process and I now feel confident in my fueling choices. The way she guided me to meet my needs around running was super helpful, my running is feeling really comfortable!


Athlete Wins & Testimonials

Mary is amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable, which combined with her compassion, gave me the confidence I needed to change my eating habits and improve how I feel during and after runs.

A huge bonus is that I was able to lose weight while training without sacrificing energy or performance!    -Bridget

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

I'm an age grouper triathlete. What seemed like small adjustments in nutrition were life-changing.
In 4 months I improved my watts on the bike and improved body comp. The program really proved itself when I crushed the run of my 70.3. Thank you Hanna, thank you Alex, your guidance is a huge factor in helping improve my performance.   -Xenia

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

My time with ALN has been amazing. I've achieved weight loss, without dieting, I'm stronger and trained harder than ever before. I've achieved PRs in olympic and 70.3 races, and completed my first full IM injury free and was a functioning adult afterwards.

I couldn't have done this without Hanna. I will be forever grateful that she has provided me with the tools to be success in life as well as triathlon. 

Athlete Wins & Testimonials

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